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Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a convention and exhibition enterprise specializing in large-scale exhibitions, expositions and large government conferences, academic conferences, high-level forums and business meetings. It is also a member of the World Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). With the joint efforts of more than 150 excellent employees, the "Chenghua Exhibition" and "Chenghua Conference" have become well-known brands in the domestic exhibition industry.

  China Convention and Exhibition upholds the enterprise mission of "service beyond expectation, create beauty with heart", specializing in precise docking, focusing on wisdom sharing, serving more than 10 fields such as medical treatment, machinery, information, construction, urban construction, energy, transportation, logistics, tourism, culture, agriculture and finance, holding more than 30 large-scale expositions every year. Exhibitions, exhibitions, more than 240 forums and seminar summits, there are more than 3 million cooperative enterprises and institutions.

In the past 20 years, the company has accumulated abundant social and customer resources, and has established good and long-term partnerships with governments, industry associations and more than 2000 news media at all levels at home and abroad. It has a large number of accurate and effective customer databases, and nearly 10 million accurate customer information. A large number of supplier partners with advanced technology, fast response and up-to-standard service.

  As a professional exhibition enterprise, Chenhua exhibition takes transnational exhibition group as its benchmark. It has been fully upgraded in organizational structure, exhibition process and information construction. Its service standards are in line with international standards. It is a pilot unit of national service standardization in our province. The company has a detailed division of labor, leading technology, professional and professional. Independent Call Center, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Network Promotion, News Promotion, Advertising Promotion, Design, Activity Planning, On-site Operation, Customer Reception Team, specializing in exhibition promotion, audience organization and on-site operation. The company's informatization level is also in the leading position in the National Exhibition industry. It has independently developed customer management system, SOHO call center system, C2M customization and precise docking platform and complete marketing and promotion technology support system.

       With its good professional ability, resources and brand influence, Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd. has been highly appraised by the government and society, and widely praised by industry partners.

Organizing Committee of Hebei (Nanpi) Hardware Machinery and Electricity Expo 2019

Exhibition Department: 0531-86512559

Audience Organization Department: 0531-88879901

Fax: (86-531) 8887 9893

Website: www.chnhee.com

Address: G Block, North District, University Science Park, Jinan High-tech Zone