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The largest professional hardware Electromechanical market in central China

December 31, 2017 (Hunan Daily Correspondent Han Simin Reporter Zhou Gui) The largest professional hardware Electromechanical market in the central region - Wantian Hardware Electromechanical City recently officially opened. At present, more than 1000 manufacturers have been stationed in Changsha City, accurately undertaking the three major hardware Electromechanical market relocation, becoming the whole province and even the central region of the wholesale source of hardware electromechanical products.

According to the introduction, Wantian Hardware Machinery and Electricity City, as Hunan's super-large professional hardware electromechanical market, covers more than 10 series of hardware tools, motors, water heating and fire protection. It is the most complete hardware professional market in the industrial chain of the central and southern region. It provides all-round clothing for hardware electromechanical manufacturers in the central region with a one-stop supply chain model. Business.