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Zhu Ren and President of China Hardware, Electricity and Chemical Industry Business Association visited Hebei Hardware, Electrical and Mechanical Chamber of Commerce.

On May 8, 2018, Zhu Renhe, Chairman, Gaowei Minister and Zhu Chen, head of the China Hardware Communications, Electricity and Chemical Industry Business Association, visited Tangshan. They visited with Wang Guidong, President, Executive President and Secretary-General of the Hebei Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce, Wang You, Vice-President Li Quanjiang, Deputy Secretary-General Ai Junchao, Li Zhenzhong and China Real Estate Information Service. Deng Hui, General Manager of Wu Co., Ltd., has conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on the construction and development of China Hardware Machinery and Electrical Data Center.

In the morning, Zhu Ren and his delegation visited the headquarters of Hebei Donghua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. After the visit, President Zhu pointed out that in 2015, the state proposed to build a big data industry, and all walks of life began to explore the construction of this platform. He analyzed that cloud computing is the core foundation of the construction of large data platform, the important link is data acquisition, the use of classified analysis, the value is reflected in the service of the government, the service industry has transactional nature, and the fundamental guarantee lies in the confidentiality of information. He also said that the previous industrial revolutions were driven by the technological revolution, which had the greatest impact and impact. At the same time, traditional industries had the greatest challenges and business opportunities. Hardware Electromechanical industry as a traditional industry has stability and continuity, but in the face of today's scientific and technological tide and industrial revolution, if we want to have a big breakthrough and development, we must accelerate the realization of "hardware electromechanical + technological innovation", and graft and apply the achievements of scientific and technological revolution in the hardware Electromechanical industry chain. As far as the hardware electromechanical circulation industry is concerned, the traditional formats and modes still dominate the whole industry, which are mainly manifested in industry decentralization, small enterprises, single channels, traditional ways, individual training, high cost, and the allocation, integration, utilization and efficiency of resources in the whole industry are lagging behind. Hebei Hardware Machinery and Electrical Chamber of Commerce has established a big data center for hardware Electromechanical industry through Hebei Donghua Group Co., Ltd. It is worth rewarding and admiring to explore a new way to collect data, use data and mine the value of data resources for the industry and promote the progress of science and technology in the industry. Of course, there will be many difficulties and a lot of work to be done. Hebei Province is one of the most important hardware producing areas in China. It has such characteristic industrial clusters as Anping wire mesh, Mengcun elbow pipe fittings, Huanghua Hardware, Xingtai cable, Yongnian standard parts, etc. Big data center can try to classify, classify and distribute successfully first, then gradually popularize, and take every step steadily and steadily.

Wang Guidong, president of Hebei Hardware Machinery and Electrical Chamber of Commerce, said that in the next ten years, the development of various industries will enter the road of standardization; at the same time, as Zhu Ren and President said, the current hardware circulation mode is relatively backward, which has had a negative impact on the entry of hardware products into the industrial market, so through joint guidance within the industry. Benign competition among colleagues and upgrading of the existing business model is imminent. It is based on the above considerations that Hebei Hardware Electronics Chamber of Commerce takes the lead in setting up the big data center of Hardware Electronics, hoping to help colleagues in the industry accurately grasp the market, enhance the proportion of high-end market share, optimize all links of the industrial chain from demand backward, reduce the cash cost and inventory pressure of enterprises by using linkage advantages, and solve the pain of enterprise development. Point.

In the afternoon, Zhu Ren and his delegation visited Donghua Hardware and Electrical City. Deng Hui, an advisor to the Professional Market Mutual Assistance Committee of Hebei Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce, briefly introduced the overall planning of Donghua Hardware and Electrical City to Mr. Zhu's delegation through the sand table.

Afterwards, Deng introduced the development process of China's hardware Mechatronics big data center from three aspects: what is big data, construction plan of big data center and project introduction of big data center. He also introduced the development process of China's hardware Mechatronics big data center with five cases, including Anping silk screen financing case, China Xiongan hardware building material traceability platform project and Donghua honeybee project. For participating leaders to analyze the operation results and development prospects of large data center in depth. Deng said that the first step after the completion of the big data center is to purchase the standard database, so that the purchaser can really choose the right and cost-effective products on the basis of evidence. At present, the large data center actively expands and improves the operation mode of "data exchange financing to promote the development of small and micro enterprises, data service to the government to promote the industry", which provides a strong support for the construction of digital city.

Zhu Ren and Chairman Zhu said that one of the purposes of both the China Hardware Business Association for Electrical and Chemical Industry and the Hebei Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce is to serve the members and the industry. The establishment of a large data center is an important measure aiming at the future development of member units.

Wang Guidong, President of Hebei Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce, said that from the perspective of the Chamber of Commerce, one of the important goals of building a large data center is to hope that this platform will truly become the communication and integration carrier of the national hardware and electrical organizations, so that everyone can go forward hand in hand and go to glory!

Wang You, Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of Hebei Hardware Machinery and Electricity Chamber of Commerce, expressed his gratitude to President Zhu for his busy trip to Tangshan to answer questions and straighten out ideas for the construction of China Hardware Machinery and Electricity Big Data Center. Since the acceptance of the authorization, Hebei Hardware Machinery and Electrical Chamber of Commerce has put the construction of large data center into the key work of the Chamber of Commerce. Through Market Research and analysis, project deduction and demonstration, and full-time follow-up, the construction of large data center has been effectively ensured to be implemented in an orderly manner.

Finally, the leaders of the two sessions agreed that the data center of China Hardware Machinery and Electricity University should find a good entry point on the basis of clear planning, and then take every step firmly, and agreed that every step of the growth of China Hardware Machinery and Electricity University data center will participate in the whole process to escort this platform.