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Deeply Discuss the Pain Point of the Development of Hardware Mechanical and Electrical Industry and Make Efforts to Create Future Development

On December 12, a huge "alliance action" was held at V electromechanical headquarters, formally opening the curtain of integration of hardware electromechanical industry. Beijing Headquarters is the main venue of the conference, with branch venues in all regions, to jointly construct this grand alliance event of hardware and electrical industry, which will play an active role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and promoting "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".

2016 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with the global economy continuing to suffer from a downturn. At present, the international financial crisis has spread from virtual economy to real economy. China's foreign trade export has been affected and impacted by the foreign market. Many hardware and electromechanical enterprises are facing severe difficulties in production and operation due to the sharp shrinkage of orders. With the economic downturn and the cooling down of the real estate market, the hardware building materials industry ushered in a market downturn. In this regard, many enterprises are looking forward to or even waiting for the market to recover. Most distributors are complaining that business is becoming more and more difficult to do. The whole industry is shrouded in pessimism and frustration.